Stop it, Jammers.

I am really upset on Animal Jam lately, people are using me just because I am a high level, and have betas and rares. I want this to stop! 2 Jammers already sent me Jam-a-grams saying “Come to my den for free membership“, they just want my account to get all my rares :(

Gladly, I’m not an idiot, so I know how people hack and scam. Just saying, but people are making scams and hacks so obvious!


Greely Returns + Invisible Glitch?

All the jammers cried about the last adventure, Greely’s Inferno, thinking that Greely died, even though it clearly said in the adventure that HE FROZE THE LAVA.

Animal Jam had made a new adventure, The Search for Greely, which is of course a members only adventure. The adventure is placed behind Greely’s Inferno. There is a pathway to reach it.

pathway to new adventure

New adventure So play it now, if you have membership! I hope the adventure is fun.

However, now the amount of members only adventures is kind of unfair. Now there is 4 member adventures and 3 non member adventures. I hope AJHQ makes a new adventure for non members, we are kind of tired of playing those 3 simple adventures all the time.


Have you seen something strange lately? Ever since the adventure was released, everyone turned invisible. This glitch isn’t only happening to me, it’s happening to almost everyone

. invisble

The weirdest AJ dream……

Sometimes, when I watch Julian2′s videos, I have dreams about him. Last night, I had the weirdest dream, and Julian2 was in it.

I was in my classroom, school is almost over. People were doing a little concert. Suddenly, a guy in a lion suit walked into the classroom. I turned around.

“Julian2?! Is that you?!” I thought.

He stood right next to me, watching the show.  I was squealing, grabbing his legs.

” IT’S JULIAN—” Julian shushed me. ” Shut it” He replied ” Let go of me, creep. Stop flirting.”

” I’m not flirting! D: ” I yelled.

I froze, no emotion on my face. My classmate, Emmanuel, gazed at me. The concert was over. Julian2 left the classroom. I had to tell Emmanuel about Julian. I wrote on paper sayings

You know that guy in the lion suit? He is actually a famous person. He is Julian2, a YouTuber. He was over 50,000 subscribers.

THE END, of my weird dream.

I had this dream because I watched this video:

Update in The Claw

The claw

AJHQ just added new, epic animals in The Claw.

These new animals are:

  • -Arctic Wolf
  • -Eagle
  • -Kangaroo
  • -Lion
  • -Snow Leopard or Cheetah

A lot of the jammers in Jamaa are gathering around to any place that was a The Claw to try to win those plushies. You should try to get them to, who knows maybe they might leave soon. I got 2 eagles ^-^


Hey guys.  It seems like Animal Jam is not allowing me to log in, even on my dad’s computer, and on a different browser. So this means I might not be able to play Animal Jam now. If I don’t play Animal Jam, I can’t do this blog. Let’s hope something good happens tomorrow.

New shop in Jamaa!

new shop

But what does it mean by new eagles, you may ask. This exciting shop allows Jammers, all jammers to WALK ON AIR and find the shop, in Coral Canyons. And this is NOT a glitch!

Step 1

Step 1


Step 2: Use your keyboard arrows to walk up to the shop.

EDIT: I was wrong, the store was only meant for the eagles. All those other animals weren’t meant to be there. It was just a glitch.