Non Rare Fox hat

Non rare fox hat

The freedom party is here! The time to celebrate the 4th of July in America ( I’m in Canada so I don’t care about that ). Anyways, AJHQ had released a new hat every jammer was shocked about. A NON RARE FOX HAT! Which is exactly the same as the white fox hat but it’s a freedom item, has blue on it and it’s not rare. My jaw was down when I heard about it. I had to wait 2 hours to go buy one in the freedom party.  Now people aren’t complaining about their fox hats lately. You better get one before it’s too late.


The story behind the Mystical Armor


Mystical armor
It all started in the early years of Jamaa, when Zios and Mira were still here with us and making peace. Somehow, a forest fire appeared on an un-dicovered area. A deer lost her whole family and she was just a young jammer. Mira was kind enough to secretly raise her, calling her Mystical. She gave the deer a special set of armor to wear at all times and never take it off. Mystical grew up as a very wise jammer. She always help the new jammers when Liza the shaman aka alpha wasn’t there for them. She even created the Mira statue in the heart of Jamaa, which is Jamaa township, to thank her for the blessing Mira gave her. However, the deer always told the jammers to keep her a secret. Mystical never wanted to be discovered by the beloved alphas, for what Mira told her. Zios never knew about Mystical either. This could be a reason why Zios somehow disappeared from Jamaa. Maybe because he never knew about Mira raising the Deer, making him feel not trusted by Mira and abandon her. Mira was very sad after Zios left. Mira was heartbroken after she lost her companion spirit, Zios. Her feelings of sadness and anger fell to the earth of Jamaa. Mira’s tears mixed with the elements of Jamaa and formed the dark mysterious creatures so called phantoms. Mystical was the first one to see the elements form with Mira’s tears. Sadly, the harmful shocks of the phantoms killed Mystical. Her body was burnt but the armor was still shining. The Alphas came. A group of extraordinary animals that destroyed the phantoms. After that, Mira dissappeared but she took the armor with her.
When Mira knew it was time, she sent the armor from a high to the alphas. The alphas decided to sell it as an armor in the diamond shop.
The reason why its 9 gems is because it is a really rare armor to Mira. When it was sold, Mira added a statue of the deer to thank her for being such a wise jammer.

Going a little off topic but the meaning of Mira comes from the Indian origin meaning Mythical Princess, meaning Mira’s real name is Mythical. And she called the deer Mystical, which is the same as Mythical. Since Mira did give the armor to Mystical, the armor should actually be called “Mythical’s armor” instead of “Mystical Armor”

Bubble Trouble Hard mode: Turtle Passage

Today, Animal Jam has released a hard mode version of Bubble Trouble. There’s not a big difference from that easy version, it’s just that there’s more phantoms, it takes a little longer to get the prize, different prizes at the end, and A TURTLE PASSAGE! That’s right, there’s 2 passages for the adventure Bubble Trouble. However, the passage is hidden is a spot a lot of jammers can’t seem to see. And now, I’ll show you. First of all, you need to be in this area:

Map Example.


This is the near the turtle passage

This is the near new the turtle passage

Now all we need to do is go down and TADA! You’re there!

How The Diamond Shop Came To Be ( my story )

Diamonds on the floor

 A long time ago, a raccoon named Fuzzy was searching for treasure in a carven. He did after all, but all he found were treasure chest full of gems. Fuzzy knew other jammers already discovered it. He wanted to find something  nobody ever found before! He was about to leave the carven and head back to his den. At that moment, he found something shining on the floor. His eyes sparkled. Fuzzy got his pickaxe and hits the blade onto the ground. He dug and dug until he was able to get all the gemstones. He finished digging. Fuzzy held one gemstone.

   “These must be diamonds!” Fuzzy exclaimed.

Fuzzy gazes down at the hole he made. There were thousands of diamonds. He couldn’t keep them all to himself, that would be selfish. He agrees to tell the Alphas about the diamonds. Fuzzy left the carven and raced to the Alpha’s hangout. He gave them each one diamond for them to see. The alphas were all impressed.

” We can use this for rares.” Liza pressed.

The alphas didn’t respond. Instead, they all stared at her. Their faces had no emotion.

“Remember all those items we were going to sell as rares? Instead of selling as rares using gems or tickets, we can use diamonds.” Liza went on.

“So you’re saying you want this to become a new currency in Jamaa?” Sir Gilbert asked “But where are we going to sell it? We have the carnival for tickets and other shops for gems. There’s no shops for diamonds.”

Peck got an idea. She drew a painting really quickly and wrote Diamond Shop on the top. Fuzzy and the alphas looks at the painting. Peck explains how the diamonds would be used in the shop she imagines. The alphas agreed.

Later on, the alphas built the diamond shop right near Club Geoz. Fuzzy and Gramham goes to search for more diamonds every month. Diamonds were now included in buying membership and all jammers can win them in daily spin. Diamonds could even be exchanged for lots of gems. It became a success in Jamaa, but it was really hard to get. That was the only problem.

The end.

Bubble Trouble Glitch: No vavle for key?

Hey everyone. Just a few minutes ago, I discovered a glitch which I’m pretty sure nobody else knows about– NOW YOU WILL!

The glitch is based on the first ever Adventure for underwater creatures, both non-members and members ( also the first adventure to give non-members items with are for members only from the dolphin passage). I knew it would be useful to have a underwater creature. Haha. Anyways, you need to play it until you reach here:

     Since the key is so close to the polluted water, it’s easy to get it. You get need to stand very close to the it, like this:

 You can grab it and there! That’s the glitch. Soon, Animal Jam will notice it’s there and they will move it farther from the polluted water so you better do it now before it’s too late. ;)


How Snow Leopards Came To Jamaa ( my story )

A very long time ago, a snow leopard was lost in the land of Jamaa. Ten phantoms where chasing her while she was carrying her cub with her mouth. She was running so fast, she didn’t know she accidently drop her cub in the Sarepia Forest. The cub cried and cried as he waits for his mother to come back but she never did. The cub lied under the trees. Day and Night. One day, an arctic wolf saw him crying. The arctic wolf decided to raise him up. When he grew older, he wondered where he had came from. He doesn’t remember. He asked his stepfather if he would know. The arctic wolf didn’t at all. The snow leopard became so sad he ran away. He searched and searched for his real family but never did. The sun had disappeared, meaning it was night time. The snow leopard found a perfect place to rest for the night ; a cliff on the great mountain of Mt.Shiveer.

Snow leopard on the cliff

As soon has he lied down and shut his eyes, he heard a bunch of animals talking. He didn’t know what the creatures they were though. He glanced down and saw a cave. He wondered if anyone was actually inside. Maybe it was his imagination.

“Hello?!” The snow leopard said. All he heard was an echo. He knew there was someone inside. He tries to reach his paw into the cave. He accidently slips down and swings inside. There were a crowd of snow leopards in there. They all gazed at him.

“Is that really a…….Jammer?” ” He must be one of us!” ” He must have been the one who was been lost for years with his mother! ” “Where is his mother though?” All the snow leopards start to chatter. He paused. He just noticed he was one of them, but his mother got out off the cave with him, getting lost and chased by a creature so called Phantoms.  Which is how he got lost. The other leopards thought that this cave is the only place in the whole universe. If any of the leopards leave, they will disappear forever! He told them that it wasn’t true. It was a beautiful land outside of the cave. He brought all the snow leopards out of the cave and brought them to Jamaa township. By then, they made a lot of friends and became a quite common animal in Jamaa.

The end O3O




Better Spin, More colours ( Animal Jam )

Daily spin and more colours

WOOHOO! Jamaa finally had some updates everyone can be happy about.

A lot of non-members complain about how they can’t easily earn diamonds. The daily diamond now features more diamonds ( 2 ), a bonus ( 500 gems, which I think it’s useless because Animal jam is the easiest site to earn their currency. You can earn like 1,000 gems per adventure ) and you can get a RARE PRIZE! Isn’t that amazing? However, now the rare prize will have the same problem as 1 diamond on the daily spin problem ; too hard to get.

More colours for our animal’s fur? Very shocking but not big of a difference. It is just like the other colours but in a brighter or darker shading. Now it will take longer for animals to choose the colours when they just created  their accounts. I’m not saying it’s bad though…. but I do wish Animal jam allows non-members to change colour of our clothing :(

Now lets talk about something that I didn’t type on the title but is still related to this topic. There is a new contest, a contest which includes drawing. Animal jam wants us, Jammers, to draw a new accessory. I’m so happy! It has to be drawn in the Art studio in Coral Canyons. I wonder what accessory I could create…………….


I have heard a lot of jammers liked my poem about Kindness, so i’m going to post more Animal Jam-related poems ;)